There are lots of reasons why pizza and baseball are the perfect match for each other. Here are ten to get you started:

Arizona Diamondbacks v Atlanta Braves

10. Hold your pizza slice in front of you and squint your eyes. The pepperoni kind of looks like tiny bases, dontcha think?

9. Even if you are in a hitting slump — cheesy pizza can cheer you up. As long as pizza’s on the menu, there’s no such thing as an off day.

8. We love watching the Braves mascot on the field. Homer’s antics are just so cheesy!

7. Save a seat on the bus. Pizza boxes stack easily for road trips!

6. Who wants to bother making snacks in the kitchen when the first pitch is being thrown? Pizza delivery is the lazy man’s idea of the perfect baseball game day at home.

5. Soft pretzels and skinny hot dogs just don’t cut it. Who needs home plate when you can get a home run taste with pizza!

4. Watch everyone around you drool as you take your first bite of pizza pie. The real Atlanta Braves are those who dare to try to resist the warm, tasty delights of Papa Johns!

3. If it’s not already on the nutritionist’s list it should be. Every baseball player in training knows that pizza supplies the perfect combination of protein, carbs and starches.

2. Feeling lazy? You don’t even have to bother throwing the boxes away when you’re finished! Recycled pizza boxes make awesome backyard bases.

1. Buy lots of different varieties of pizza to pass around on game day. Pizza slices can be traded after the July 31 deadline without penalty.

Now that you know why pizza and baseball go together so well, pick up the phone and order yours today! Papa John’s pizza is the perfect compliment to a Braves game!