The holiday season is here. It’s time to string some lights, decorate a tree and order a pizza.

Who says pizza can’t be holiday food! It’s warm, cheesy and provides loads of comfort. December is the perfect time to grab one for your family or friends, or even bring one to a party. Instead of gold rings and “maids a miking,” you can celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with pizza. Papa John’s Atlanta has so many options, you’ll never have to repeat toppings — unless you want to.

Day 1: Cheese Pizza

The classic, the one we keep coming back to. If you give your true love our cheese pizza, they are sure to stick around for the next 11 days.1147014_10151613472702639_208925191_o

Day 2: Epic Meatz

Spice it up on Day 2 and choose one of the limited time only pizzas.The epic meatz pizza is so epic, the ‘z’ is completely necessary.

Day 3: Spinach Alfredo

Some French hens would love this spinach alfredo pizza. Order one and have a romantic dinner by the fire. Tell your true love that the spinach green really brings out her eyes.

Day 4: Pepperoni

Call up your pals and serve a pepperoni pizza. Everyone loves it and the red discs of pepperoni almost look like Christmas ornaments.

Day 5: Sriracha Meats

Golden rings ain’t got nothing on sweet and spicy rings of Sriracha on the meats pizza. The Sriracha make the pizza look elegant and

Day 6: John’s Favorite

Halfway to the 12th day of Christmas, indulge your senses with Papa John’s favorite pie. We aren’t supposed to have favorites, but this one is better than a geese’s golden egg.

Day 7: The Works

Need to bring a treat to a work event? Bring out The Works. It has every topping to appeal to the appetites of many!

Day 8: Tuscan Six Cheese

It would take more than eight maids milking to cultivate all of the cheese needed for this Tuscan six cheese pizza. It’s creamy, indulgent and perfect for a holiday movie night.

Day 9: Sausage

Go simple on Day 9. Order a sausage pizza with mozzarella and rich sauce. This one is a crowd pleaser, you should take it to a party.

Day 10: Spicy Italian

Kick it up from Day 9 and go spicy! Your friends will be leapin’ if you order them the spicy Italian.iStock_000047460390_Small

Day 11:Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

The pipers are piping and maybe you can add a ukulele on Day 11. Pretend you are having a holiday vacation with the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. The tropical flavors can put you on island time.

Day 12: Garden Fresh

You’ve made it to the end, celebrate! Order the Garden Fresh pie, complete with green peppers and red tomatoes. Now even the pizza is in the holiday spirit.

Let us know how you celebrated the 12 Days of Pizza! Happy Holidays!