Freshly made pizza delivered promptly and piping hot to your door seems tailor-made for family movie nights. Below is a selection of five great movies for the entire family to watch as everyone digs into a Papa John’s pizza that’s guaranteed to enhance your family’s viewing pleasure.

Hercules and the Greek Pizza

What better way to enjoy a movie about the legendary Greek demigod than with our very own Greek pizza? Loaded with black olives, Feta cheese, basil pesto and premium pepperoni, it’s packed with nutritious goodness that even Hercules (and your family) will find impossible to resist.

Lilo & Stitch with Hawaiian BBQ

Nothing says Aloha better than fresh, sweet, juicy pineapples. Our Hawaiian BBQ pizza is laden with this one-of-a-kind flavor and topped with grilled all-white chicken and hickory-smoked bacon. Learn to dance the hula with this adorable and spunky four-armed alien while you and your family bite into the sweet, tangy goodness of Papa John’s Hawaiian BBQ pizza.

Sandlot and the Big Bonanza

Kids rule the day and score a home run in this baseball movie that is all heart and pure pluck. All that cheering for the underdog will surely fire up your appetite for our Big Bonanza pizza. Enjoy double portions of bacon, beef and Canadian bacon topped with freshly sliced onions, Roma tomatoes and Jalapeno peppers. Rooting for your favorite team has never tasted this good!

John Carter and John’s Favorite

Our founder’s personal favorite is the perfect pizza for this science fiction movie about interplanetary adventure. Topping generous portions of pepperoni and sausages is a six-cheese blend of Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Provolone, Fontina and 100 percent Mozzarella. Papa John’s Favorite will make watching the futuristic saga of John Carter a truly exciting time for your entire family.

The Secret Garden and Garden Fresh Pizza

Let your children discover how delicious vegetables can be as they watch this movie’s young heroine bring a neglected secret garden back to life. Our vegetarian Garden Fresh Pizza is every bit as delicious and flavor-packed as our other pizzas and guaranteed to convert even the staunchest veggie grouch into a veggie lover.

Papa John’s is all about bringing families together over great food prepared with fresh ingredients for maximum taste and flavor. Make movie nights a regular family affair that you can enjoy even more with our delicious pizzas. Pick your favorite pizza or try a new flavor; either way, eating Papa John’s pizza while watching a family movie is a great way to make new memories that will last a lifetime.