Pizza lore has it that the poor citizens of Naples were the first to make pizza by placing tomatoes and a handful of cheese on simple flat bread and tossing it in a hot oven. From its humble beginnings as Neapolitan peasant food, pizza has traveled the world to win the hearts — and stomachs — of millions of people from all walks of life.

Each country and culture that adopts this devilishly delicious food makes it truly their own by adding pizza toppings that appeal the most to them. The Indians sometimes top their pizzas with pickled ginger and paneer, a soft, crumby cheese made from cow or water buffalo milk. The Swedes like bananas, pineapple and curry powder on their pizzas. If you’re feeling adventurous in the Land Down Under, you can sample a slice of their unique crocodile-topped pizza!

Below are closer-to-home novel ingredients you may want to try out the next time you have a craving for an original slice of pizza in Atlanta.

Breakfast Pizza

Skip the toast and butter and have a pizza for breakfast instead! Top your morning pizza with creamy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon and enjoy it with your favorite cup of java. Your day’s off to a great start with the first bite!

South of the Border

Salsa, refried beans and spicy pepper Jack cheese bring Mexico to your dinner table. If avocados are in season, cut one up and toss it right on for a bit of green and a unique flavor boost.

Pizza with a Kick

Make a zesty pizza by tossing in a handful of blue cheese with the mozzarella. Add chicken for protein and fresh artichokes for fiber and potassium and you’ve got a bold pizza with a different kind of kick.

Italian Flavors

Are you in the mood for something sweet, salty and tangy all at the same time? Try making your pizza with Soppressata (Italian salami), balsamic onion and mashed sweet potatoes.

Summer Pizza

Let summer linger on your pizza even as the days get longer and the nights cooler. Thinly sliced zucchini, summer squash and a freshly-made pesto topping with mozzarella cheese are all you need to taste summer once again.

Turkish Delight

Top your pizza with ground lamb cooked with sweet sun-dried tomatoes and spicy red peppers. It will transport you to the Mediterranean with every bite.

Spicy Pulled Pork Pizza

Try Papa John’s special flavor and capture the essence of American summer. Hickory-smoked meat baked to tender perfection and smothered with two cheeses (mozzarella and zesty pepper jack) and a sweet Kansas-style barbeque sauce – it’s the south’s favorite sandwich on a pizza crust. This flavor won’t be around long, so grab yourself a Papa John’s pizza while you still can!

From Europe to the Americas, from Asia to Africa, this poor man’s meal has indeed conquered the world and given it a dish everyone can call their very own.