School is out and children want to make the most of their summer vacation. There are many things to do both outdoors and inside when the weather gets hot. Summer is a time to enjoy planned and unplanned activities with peers and engage with personal interests. Let’s get thinking before the last day of school.

  • During the hottest part of the day or in inclement weather, enjoy the $1 Summer Movie Series for Kids at a local movie theater. Take advantage of a gorgeous day and watch a family-friendly movie outdoors at the free outdoor summer movies hosted in parks and other locations in Atlanta.
  • Plan some outdoor games and a picnic at a local park. Create teams and have children design secret prizes for participants.
  • Visit the Splash Pads and Spray grounds in Atlanta as the temperatures rise. Reapply sunblock as needed and bring extra water and snacks.kid-673584_1280
  • Combine an activity with a Pizza Party at your local Papa John’s Pizza. The anticipation is part of the fun. Have the children design and send out the invitation online or via snail mail to their close friends. Order in and have the children decorate for the occasion. This would make a nice way to officially kick start the summer season.
  • Join in some of the free local activities that cater to kids like Free Bowling or Free Roller Skating.
  • The little readers can join in summer reading programs supported by the library and listen in at a children story time at local bookstores.
  • Visit the Amicalola Fall for a nice day trip. Less than an hour away, trails lead up to the top of the falls. Trails use recycled tire and can accommodate strollers.
  • Adventurous children with plenty of energy can enjoy hiking and camping. The Unicoi State Park in Helen has campgrounds, cabins a lake and a waterfall. Parents can take turns hosting small getaways over the weekend with a handful of kids, sandwiches, games and necessities. Let the great outdoors tire them out.
  • Go river tubing in the Helen as it snakes its way through town. Everyone is guaranteed to get wet and have fun.
  • Sign the kids up for summer camp and let them engage in age-appropriate activities under the supervision of camp counselors.
  • Older children will enjoy a water adventure along the Chattahoochee River. Engage in new activities that will test their awareness with whitewater rafting, tubing and kayaking.mountain-lake-416198_1280
  • Look for volunteer opportunities open to children. Libraries and churches can help provide ways to enable children to have fun and support others that need a little help.
  • Summer is the best for blooming gardens. Allow children select flowers and have children create their own gardens to water and maintain. Get started early for the best results.
  • Have kids start making with Free Crafts at Lakeshore Learning. Start crafting and creating now and keep little minds and hands busy.
  • Take a trip to The Children’s Museum of Atlanta and visit their exhibit Once Upon A Time: Exploring the World of Fairy Tales and their permanent exhibitions.

Keep those kids busy and you are sure to have a great summer too! ​