Thanks to online bookings and global transit, it is easier than ever to take your family on vacation, whether within Georgia, elsewhere in the U.S., or abroad. For a relaxing, family-friendly trip, consider visiting:

Indian Springs State Park, Georgia

The oldest state-run park in the United States, Indian Springs is home to sulfuric water springs that the Creek Indians have long used to heal the sick. Visitors may taste water from the springs and go boating, fishing and/or swimming. With picnic benches, cottages, camp sites, and a variety of other amenities, this is the perfect place to vacation for any length of time.

Petropolis, Braziltravel for the holidays

Located on top of the Serra dos Órgãos mountains outside Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis offers all the beauty and history of Brazil without the confusion of large cities. It is home to the Summer Palace, built for the emperor and his family back when Brazil was a monarchy, which now serves as the country’s Imperial Museum. There are numerous other historic sites and famous buildings, as well as carriage rides for a general tour of the city. With its mild climate and slow pace, Petropolis is sure to give you a fun, relaxing view of Brazil.

Kamalame Cay, Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Only 15 minutes away from Nassau by plane, Kamalame Cay is known for its beauty and seclusion. Your family will be able to vacation with as little contact with the outside world as possible, giving you a chance to connect with each other. Little contact with outsiders, however, does not mean little to do. The island’s clear waters are perfect for scuba and snorkeling, and the local Dive Center will provide you with the equipment and training you need to do this safely.

Curaçao, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Despite being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curaçao is located in the Caribbean, providing easy access for American tourists. The island is known for its warm, clear waters, where there are endless opportunities to swim, snorkel, play water sports, and scuba dive. There is also a wide variety of beachfront bars, clubs, and resorts, providing activities for family members of all ages. If you get tired of beachfront life, consider visiting Willemstad, a thriving metropolis with all the modern conveniences and entertainments.

Tallulah Falls, Georgia

If you’re looking to take a vacation closer to home, consider a visit to scenic Tallulah Falls, where you can witness one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the United States. Surrounded by Georgian wilderness, this site will give you a summary of all the natural beauty that the state has to offer. Besides beauty, Tallulah Falls also has historical significance, being the site of a hydroelectric dam that has supplied Georgia Power since 1914. Tallulah Falls is less than 2 hours away from Atlanta by car, allowing you to take a day trip there and still make it back in time for dinner at Papa John’s Atlanta.

Where will you go this holiday break?