Cheesy, hot and delicious, it’s no wonder they finally got around to giving pizza its own honorary month. As national pizza month kicks off, how will you be celebrating your own special connection with everyone’s be-crusted wheel-o-yum? We know, we know – it’s super hard to choose, but here are a few ideas that are a little slice of genius for you to sink your teeth into.

Become an Unofficial Pizza Ambassador

Maybe there’s a new exchange student at school, or a fresh hire at work that isn’t yet aware of the ways of the ‘za. As a bonafide pizza lover, you are honor-bound to share your favorite pizza with them! Maybe your friends already know and love a good slice of classic pepperoni, but have they ever tried a Hawaiian? If you have new neighbors moving into the area, consider welcoming them to the neighborhood by springing for a delivery. Your random act of pizza kindness will be very appreciated after a day of hauling in boxes and wondering which box the pots and pans are in.

Wear it and Share Itnational pizza month

Let’s be real, here: there’s no more perfect food than a pizza when you’re really hungry. Celebrate pizza culture by snagging a vintage-look tee with a slice on it, a hat with your favorite pizza delivery joint’s logo or even a bumper sticker for the car. Not only will this let you declare your affection for pizza loudly and proudly, it will also help you locate other nearby pizza fanatics so you know who to hang with at lunch. Does your job frown on pizza-decked fashion sense? Send a mass email at work and ask who’s willing to go halvsies on a delicious pizza from Papa Johns – you might just make a new friend in the process.

Post it Out

Pizza cravings can strike at any time, especially if someone’s enjoying a slice in the next room and that heavenly aroma is making your belly growl. Sometimes, all you have to do is see a freshly made, pepperoni-laden work of art to want some! Do your part to honor national pizza month with some seriously tasty pizza selfies – a smile with your favorite slice or an Instagram-filtered close-up on a hot, fresh, just-delivered pie, bubbling with mozzarella as it tempts you to dig in. You’ll start a chain reaction of pizza cravings across your social media feed and your friends are sure to thank you for the mealtime inspiration.

Throw a pizza party for your loved ones, get an epic pizza slice tattoo, declare the next four Fridays as official “pizza delivery for dinner” nights – no matter how you celebrate national pizza month, it’s going to be tasty!