When most people go on a diet, they resign themselves to giving up some of their favorite foods like dessert, soda, ice cream and pizza, but here at Papa John’s Atlanta, we believe that staying healthy comes from making healthy food choices every day.

Rather than go on a diet you cannot realistically sustain for the long term, we encourage our customers to make wise food choices that fit their health goals. Whether your aim is to lower your blood sugar, control your cholesterol level, prevent the onset of arthritis or lose weight (and keep it off), eating healthy should be a lifestyle choice, not a short-term goal, and Papa John’s has options available to fit into this healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Options at Papa John’s

You can order our garden fresh pizzas as we make them or customize your own. Choose from a selection of healthy toppings like green peppers, onions, Roma tomatoes, pineapples, baby portabella mushrooms and more for a truly unique treat that will please and satisfy your taste buds. Our grilled chicken pizza is made with lean chicken breast that’s mildly and perfectly seasoned. Here at Papa John’s Atlanta, we source the freshest ingredients from all over the country and around the world to bring you great-tasting pizza every single day.

Choose a variety of pizza toppings that are healthy and filling so each bite brings you fewer calories and greater satisfaction. Whenever possible, opt for skim-milk mozzarella, fat-free cheddar cheese or low-fat cottage cheese. As long as you choose your pizza toppings wisely, there is no reason you can’t meet your health goals and enjoy a delicious slice of pizza at the same time.

Crust Alternatives

A whole wheat pizza crust will fill you up faster and longer than pizza made from refined flour. This is because a whole wheat crust is a complex carbohydrate that takes longer for your digestive system to break down and process. The feeling of satiation lasts longer, making you less likely to reach for a quick and often unhealthy snack during the day to appease your hunger pangs.

You need not fear ordering Papa John’s pizza when you’re trying to eat healthy. Just remember to always eat in moderation and choose your pizza ingredients wisely. Here at Papa John’s Atlanta, we give you healthy flavor alternatives to satisfy your pizza craving and keep you on track so you can achieve your health goals.