After a long day of hitting the books, sitting through hours of lectures and hurrying to student group meetings, nothing hits the spot for a hungry college student quite like a slice of freshly cooked pizza. Papa John’s pizza knows students need to eat no matter the hour, and that is why we offer late night Atlanta pizza delivery every day!

Satisfying the Studying Student

What is it about pizza service that sounds so appealing in the late night and early morning hours? We think this classic Italian dish, which dominates the American carryout cuisine scene, is all about comfort.

A recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that college-age people eat pizza in greater quantity than anyone else. Whereas 13 percent of Americans savor a slice on any given day, these figures double for males between the ages of 12-19. For whatever reason, females eat less pizza across the board, falling at 18 percent for the 12-19 age group.

Did you know that the average undergraduate student at The University of Texas consumes 6.5 slices in a single semester? That equates to nearly 260,000 slices in total! When students are unable to eat this delicacy on campus, they are quick to locate an alternative eatery. By no small measure, most college-town pizza restaurants can attribute the bulk of their revenue to their backpack-wearing customers.

Placing one of these establishments in close proximity to a nearby college campus is almost always a sound business strategy, which is perhaps why many of the restaurants that operate in this capacity have been around for years. Many pizza business owners pay attention to the numbers and trends, and most now start cooking fresh batches of pies between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. to accommodate the rush of late night pizza deliveries to their college student customers.