Valentine's DayFor couples, Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. But if you’re on a college student’s budget, it can be hard to afford candlelit, prix fixe meals or champagne toasts–not without racking up some serious credit card debt. Instead, try one of these creative and low-cost ideas for a special day with bae.

Cuddle Up Outside

February weather here in Georgia is warm enough that we can take advantage of the outdoors, and it doesn’t cost a thing. So go for a stroll around any of the beautiful parks in our city, like Piedmont Park or Centennial Olympic Park–or just take a walk around campus, hand-in-hand. And if there’s a cold breeze, you could suggest that you huddle together to stay warm.

Scavenger Hunt

You and your special someone likely have lots of memories around campus; why not turn these memories into a fun and romantic game? Come up with a set of clues that take your lover to all your favorite spots in the city, ending with a Valentine’s Day kiss. The only cost is a tank of gas, and you’ll get to relive all your favorite moments together.

Go Hiking at Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is only 15 minutes away from downtown Atlanta, but it has over 15 miles of hiking trails that are open year-round. For the price of a daily parking pass (only $15), you get access to all the trails for hours of budget-friendly fun. Bring some water, snacks or Valentine’s Day chocolate to sample while you enjoy getting lost together in the pristine wilderness.

All Dressed Up For a Romantic Night In

Sometimes, the best part of Valentine’s Day is just being with your special someone. Instead of making a fuss about where to go, put on your finest clothes and have dinner together at home. You can even have your meal delivered! Papa John’s Atlanta will be happy to take care of the food so that you can focus on each other.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about couples. If you’re single, don’t just mope around. Throw a party with all your friends–order pizza, gorge on candy hearts, and make fun of cheesy romantic movies together. Here at Papa John’s Atlanta, we know that what V-Day is really about is celebrating good times with the special person–or special people–in your life.