When it comes to pizza toppings, Papa John’s Atlanta knows that every customer has a favorite combination. This is why we have a mouth-watering selection of pizza varieties to satisfy all our customers.

Just for fun, Buzzfeed has linked your favorite pizza topping with key personality traits. Do you agree with some of their claims below?


This spicy, sweet, smoky sausage is touted as the most popular pizza topping requested in the country today. Pepperoni lovers are no-nonsense individuals for whom the old adage holds true: What you see is what you get.

Extra Cheese

People who order extra cheese on their pizza enjoy pampering and attention. For them, they simply cannot have too much of a good thing, such as cheese on a pizza.

Meat Lover

You live large and make no apologies for the life choices you make. Because you can come on strong, people around you tend to step away. But that’s their loss because deep down, people who love meat lover’s pizza are real softies at heart.


Sophisticated and refined, you find meaning and poetry in the details of ordinary life. For you, less is more – just like the way you like your pizza.

Sausage and Peppers

You are a nostalgic soul, longing for the simpler days of your youth. Just like people who appreciate meat and potatoes, your penchant for sausage and peppers comes from a practical yet idealistic view of life.


If you prefer seafood on your pizza, you know what it’s like to be misunderstood. Although you are charming and alluring, many people just don’t get you and that puzzles you in return.

White Pizza

A simple, back-to-basics type of person, you are nevertheless not averse to taking some risks when the circumstances warrant it. You are delightful company, adding just the right touch of mystery to be irresistibly enchanting.


You’re a laid-back type of guy or girl who rolls with the punches. You take what life gives you and make lemonade out of lemons.


You are everyone’s favorite friend and you don’t like to disappoint. You are a dependable person who can be counted on to help out in life’s daily challenges as well as in emergency situations.

No matter what your favorite pizza topping is, Papa John’s will deliver it to your doorstep fresh and piping hot, just the way pizza should be. You can also drop by and order pizza with all the fixings at one of our stores closest to you. Enjoy a Papa John’s pizza today with your favorite topping or with one you’ve been dying to try. You might just discover a part of your personality you never knew existed!