It is totally possible to have a have a hauntingly good time planning your Halloween party. Use this no-brainer checklist from the folks at Papa John’s Atlanta to host the best Halloween party your friends have ever attended.

Send out the Invites

Do not assume your friends have no plans for the holiday. Be thoughtful and send out invitations ahead of time. Evite allows users to create digital invitations that are festive and fabulous. This digital service can be a great way to get the word out about your bash!

Set the Stage

In order to create the perfect atmosphere, add those cobwebs, bats and festive lights to your home or venue. There are many stores that have a range of inexpensive party supplies to explore for Halloween partyindoors and out. Think of theme you want, pumpkins, fall, spooky, and go from there. Napkins, plates and tablecloths come in a wide array of festive patterns and colors. Disposable options also may cleanup easy. Just make sure you head down and purchase early!

Add the Music

Download your favorite, spooky music and have guests make suggestions prior to the day. Halloween soundtracks such as Halloween Horrorscapes are readily available this time of year with the sounds of screams and chainsaws that we have all grown to love. After a few drinks, you might just inspire your guests to reenact Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Mute a few Monster Movies

For a few more scary sights, put on a classic horror movie in the background. Halloween or The Exorcist are thrilling choices. For some campy good fun, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic or Freddy vs. Jason. For kid friendly options, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Monster Squad are fun and PG.

Set out a big Bowl of “Punch.”

Whether it’s Ghoulish-green or bloody red, create a cocktail with a twist for your chosen guests. Take a look at for a few ideas. Friends will love the severed frozen hand in the Witches’ Brew that also keeps beverages cold. The Green Grog looks so awful that guests should be dared to try. Make non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions available. Someone has to drive home!

Offer Easy Prep “Finger” Foods

Keep it easy for yourself and party guests. Make those hot foods portable and easy to enjoy anywhere. Keep paper plates and napkins handy for slices of Papa John’s Pizza. Set out some Witches’ Fingers breadsticks, carve out some bloody fingers from hot dogs and leave out a bowl of bones for the gals and ghouls. It need not be complicated; get a few ideas here.

Don’t Forget the Treats

Especially for the young and young at heart, set out jars filled with classic Halloween candies and mini scoops. Pick up a few candy eyeballs, gummy worms and more. Set out some loot bags and twist ties to help the kids, or adults, to fill up for home.

We hope this tips help you throw the best Halloween party. Happy Haunting to you and yours!