As a die hard Atlanta Hawks fan, you undoubtedly spent last season on the edge of your seat. The Hawks went further than they had since 1994, setting new win-loss records for the franchise. As the 2015-16 season kicks in to gear, it helps to remember some of the highlights of last season, inspiring hope that the team will continue to be just as successful:

Season Successes

The Hawks won 60 games last season, often triumphing by a large margin. Their most celebrated victories included:atlanta_hawks_logo

  • November 29– The Hawks defeated the Charlotte Hornets 105 to 75 in a game at Philips Arena in Atlanta.
  • December 5– Despite playing on their home turf, the Brooklyn Nets lost badly to the Hawks, scoring only 75 points versus the Hawks’ 98.
  • December 17– The Hawks scored 127 points to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 98 in a match at the Quicken Loans Arena.
  • January 21– The Hawks defeated the Indiana Pacers 110 to 91 at Philips Arena.
  • April 4l– The Hawks defeated the Brooklyn Nets again, this time at Philips Arena. With 131 points, they scored higher than at any other point during the season.

The Hawks finished the season with a loss at the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite losing, the city of Atlanta celebrated one of their most successful seasons of all time.

Prominent Players

The success of 2014-15 was possible in large part because of the dedication and talent of the team’s players, including:

  • Al Horford – A native of the Dominican Republic, Horford has played for the Atlanta Hawks since 2007 while also doubling as a player for the Dominican Republic’s national basketball team. He achieved a triple-double last season for the first time in his career, scoring 21 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds in a game against the 76ers.
  • Paul Millsap – Having risen to fame playing for Louisiana Tech, Millsap played for the Utah Jazz from 2006 to 2013 before signing with the Hawks. He served as a reserve player at the All-Star game for the second time last season and renewed his contract for another three years.
  • Jeffrey Teague – A graduate of Wake Forest, Teague has served on the Atlanta Hawks since the beginning of his NBA career in 2009. Because of his hard work last season, he was selected as an NBA All-Star player for the first time.
  • Kyle Korver – Having played of the 76ers, the Jazz and the Bulls before joining the Hawks in 2012, Korver has extensive experience in the NBA. Despite spraining his ankle last season, he still managed to earn distinction, being named an All-Star player and winning the NBA Sportsmanship Award.

All of these players will be returning again this season, offering the Atlanta Hawks a chance to repeat last year’s feats. Order a pizza, sit back and prepare for another year of Hawks success.