Bad days. Everyone has them occasionally and sometimes it’s hard to get past them. The self-help inclined will tell you that the keys to your happiness lie within you and that your bad day is really only a manifestation of how you feel about what happened.

While that might be accurate from a psychological stand point, it’s pretty hard to convince yourself that you’re choosing not to be happy when a bus just splashed dirty street water all over your new suit on the way to the most important interview of your life or when your dog literally ate your homework and there’s no way your teacher will give you an extension. Seriously, it happens. There’s a reason that excuse became so popular.

While meditation and positive thinking might be a great way to improve your mood, a better method is, bad day

5 Ways Pizza Fixes Bad Days

  1. Pizza will hold your hand when you’re scared. Okay, it won’t actually hold your hand, but it will occupy your mouth so you don’t chew off all your nails. Plus, the cheesy goodness will distract you from the boogie man.
  2. Miraculously fix bad hair days. Ever have one of those days where your cowlick won’t lie flat and your hair absolutely looks like crap no matter what you do? Forget hair product and grab a slice of pizza. It won’t actually make your hair look different but everyone will too busy looking at your pizza to notice.
  3. Perfect cure for a fender bender. Accidentally tap the car in front of you? Offer them pizza. Sure, they’ll probably want to call the police and file a report with your insurance company, but they’ll be a lot more pleasant about it on a full stomach.
  4. Did you get caught gossiping about a co-worker? Take them for Papa John’s pizza. It will completely make up for the fact that they’re mad at you and you can go back to work as if nothing happened. In the worst case, your day is improved because PIZZA.
  5. Cheers you up when you’re blue. Having one of those days where you’re just feeling sad? Pizza is an expert at cheering you up. It will tell you jokes, insult the person who hurt your feelings and call you pretty. Okay, it won’t do those things, but at least you won’t be sad and hungry.

We find that pizza fixes all of the ills of the world, if you just learn how to use it properly. How do you use your pizza? Are you having a bad day, order pizza now and test our theory.