Emoji’s are no longer a secret, hidden language only understood by an elite class of cyber space dwellers. Today, they’re as well-loved as, well, pizza. So it’s only fitting that the pizza emoji is one of the most popular emoji’s used by Americans. You might be wondering why pizza is so often used, instead of hearts or flowers or things like poop. There are hundreds of reasons to use the pizza emoji (slight exaggeration based on absolutely no statistical data).

Without further ado, here are our favorite reasons to enlist the help of the pizza emoji for enhanced text communication. ?????

To Apologize

Whatever your indiscretion, saying it with pizza is always the best way to go. Sure, you could go with the smiley face emoji or your standard flowers, but those will never do for the creative and heartfelt, “I’m sorry.” Don’t just tell them you’re sorry, tell them you’re sorry enough to offer them pizza.

To Make Them Jealous

When you’re updating your social media pages with posts about how wonderful your life is, don’t forget to include pizza. Nothing will make your friends greener with envy than the thought of you pizza emoji, cell phoneenjoying the cheesy goodness of a giant slice that they can’t have. They could be on a jet plane heading to paradise, they’ll still want your pizza.

To Invite Them For Papa John’s Pizza

Well, this is just a no-brainer. What better way is there to invite someone for Papa John’s pizza than sending them an awesome message embellished with a pizza emoji?

To Make Them Fall in Love With You

Seriously. Is there a better way to profess your undying love than through the pizza emoji? We think not.

To Make Them Laugh

Two pizza’s walk into a bar. Really, the joke practically writes itself.

To Offer Sympathy

There are many ways to show your friends that you’re there for them through hard times, but the best way is with pizza.

Congratulations on a Job Well Done

Want to thank an employee or co-worker for going that extra mile? Sure, you could just hand them the standard bonus or promotion, but why not sweeten the deal with a pizza emoji message?

Those are our top 7, but we bet you could come up with some great new ways to use your pizza emoji. Order a pizza, send some emojis and let us know.