Whoa! You just got to college. You’re not scared of classes, you’ve already proven you’re capable of accomplishing the challenges college classes offer. You’ve always risen to the occasion and there’s no doubt you will again, but… you’ve always had friends around you although unbeknownst to you, you still do. You just by happenstance haven’t met your friends quite yet. But don’t worry, you are getting ready to meet an entire group of friends that you’ll appreciate over a lifetime.

There are a few ways to quickly make friends at college, so you can be around people you know and trust while learning your way around campus.college, friends

Meet Your Roommate

Allow the University to assign your roommate rather than bringing your best friend from high school. Your new roommate will likely not become your new BFF, but you’ll still have a friend for life after living with her — and you’ll have a chance to meet her friends.

Don’t fret if you are not crazy about your new roommate! At least you will have some great stories, and will learn how to make it work!

Have a Party, Order a Pizza

Hands down, the easiest way to make friends at college is to throw a party. A real party that involves real friends requires little thought. Whether you do it casually in your dorm room or set up a formal event in the rec center, you can rest assured there are plenty of other students who also want to meet new friends.

The best way to ensure people will come to your part is food. Pizza is a standard for college students and is served regularly in classes, dorm rooms and off-campus apartments. Papa John’s pizza can deliver its famously delicious pizzas along with tossed salads and lengthy appetizers to the college events that you organize on campus. You’ll most certainly make new friends when you serve up some pizza.

College can be intimidating, as it’s often the first time away from home. You can trust that the other students feel the same as you. You can also trust that the other students want to make friends as badly as you do, so if you simply smile and say, “Hi!” you’re helping another student find a friend while you gain a friend yourself.

Good luck as you enter the happiest time of your life!