Soccer has become more and more popular in America for the past 40 years. And it seems like 2015 is the year for Major League Soccer to finally hit and take off — especially with the USWNT winning the World Cup! The existing MLS teams are taking off and proving their ability to provide some stellar entertainment. Why not bring this talent and excitement down South?

MLS: Awesomesoccer, Atlanta FC

The American brand of Major League Soccer is nothing less than awesome. The best athletes in the world are receiving the best training available to field competitive teams that can perform with or against any other team the world can provide. American soccer has reached a point where it provides legitimate contenders against European, Latin American and Australian teams in the sport internationally known as “Football.”

Atlanta Team?

Atlanta team? Yes ma’am!

Yes, a new team is coming together based out of HOTlanta. Named as the Atlanta United Football Club, or AUFC, the team is scheduled to begin training next year and enter formal competition in the 2017 season. It can be trusted that the Atlanta team is going to come out hard and fast to make an impression on the soccer community. Hopefully, current teams will support the Atlanta build as it contributes to the sport. The other teams will have plenty of time later to be haters against the Atlanta United FC when they begin to crush the competition.


It’s easy to make predictions, harder to make accurate ones. With that said. … In 2017, Atlanta United will have a couple of wins, some hard losses and generally make a good showing. In 2018, the coaches and players will have more experience and the team will display a stronger presence. Come 2019, which really isn’t that far away, Atlanta will be fielding a championship team. In 2020, other teams will be trying to trade, coerce, buy or otherwise finagle some deal to “get” the Atlanta stars, so at that point it won’t matter about the coaches and players, but rather what the owners and sponsors choose to do with their winning team. Papa John’s Atlanta is so excited to see what is in store!

Win, lose, or draw, it’s always a good time to order a pizza. Watching a soccer game is no exception!

Once 2017 rolls around, plan a big watching party with every pizza imaginable!