What’s an American summer without succulent, juicy, good-to-the-bones barbecue? Whether it’s a huge pork shoulder slow-cooked to perfection or a slab of excellently marbled steak singed to medium-rare goodness, summer living is all about mastering the art of the grill.

For a limited time this summer, Papa John’s of Atlanta is tempting all pizza-lovers to try their spicy pulled pork pizza, a not-to-be-missed pie that’s packed with a mix of intense flavors. Don’t let this summer end without grabbing a slice of this uniquely flavored pizza!

The Meat

The taste and aroma of hickory-smoked meat permeates this delicious pizza. It is generously laden with tender bits of pork throughout without a chewy chunk among them. If you love pulled pork sandwiches, you simply must try this pizza. Papa John’s had gone all out to bring you a great summer barbecue flavor on their trademark hand-tossed crust.

The Cheeses

Creamy mozzarella cheese is paired with spicy pepper jack to boost the fiery taste of this pizza. This cheese blend adds a layer of flavor that is bold yet tantalizingly inviting at the same time. In fact, there is nothing ordinary about this summer pizza variety. Expect an extraordinary experience from your very first bite as the different flavors burst in your mouth.

The Sauce

Kansas-style barbecue sauce adds just enough sweetness to keep you reaching for another slice. Made from a unique blend of spices, this slightly tangy sauce delivers the perfect balance to the pizza’s savory zest.

The Final Touch

Red pepper flakes top off this pizza and definitely add to its distinct flavor. If your taste gravitates more towards the mild side rather than the wild side, you may request to hold off this ingredient when ordering.

Papa John’s spicy pulled pork pizza is definitely not for the faint of heart, however, the fiery flavors of the meat and pepper jack cheese blend perfectly with the sweet barbecue sauce and the creamy mozzarella. The result is a wonderful combination of flavors that is pleasing to the palate yet intensely bold and unforgettable.

Summer will soon be over. Enjoy Papa John’s spicy pulled pork pizza while you can and have a summer to remember.