oscar, pizza, papa, johnsThe 87th Oscar’s award show is this coming Sunday and we want to help you find the perfect Papa John’s pizza to match your favored Best Picture choice.

And the winners are:

American Sniper

The BBQ Chicken Bacon goes to American Sniper. It screams the Fourth of July, America and extreme patriotism. And while it may be February, and we may have just experienced subzero temperatures, have this pizza during your Oscar viewing party to make it feel like the summer day celebrations of this beautiful nation.

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game finds itself paired with the Spicy Italian. If you’ve seen the film you know just how spicy it is. If you haven’t, you should see it for yourself. From being in the midst of a war, current day controversies and the brilliance it took to crack the codes of Germany’s World War II Enigma Machine it is sure to leave you in awe. It’s intense; it has twists and has a phenomenal cast. Who knows how this film will fair come the night of the Oscars, but it’s sure to be a good one paired with this pizza.


The only pizza fitting enough for Birdman would have to be The Works. In the film, you have superheroes, you have Broadway and you have family. You get a mixture of many things on screen, and you will get the same sensation with this pizza. And it is good.


In honor of Selma, create your own pizza with all of your favorite things. David Oyelowo brings the heat as he portrays Martin Luther King Jr. and since MLK Jr. forged his own path, why shouldn’t you? Of course, this is on a much…much smaller scale, but we all have to start somewhere, right?


The Bacon Cheeseburger pizza pairs perfectly with Boyhood. It portrays the reality of growing up in a family through all the peaks and valleys of life; therefore, we chose a classic to pair it with. This pizza is a crowd favorite, a classic and combines the best of both worlds. Pizza + Bacon Cheeseburger = Ultimate Deliciousness.

The Theory of Everything

Order Garden Fresh for The Theory of Everything. The film brings a new perspective and creativity to the big screen. Its abstract storyline balances depth, insight and love as we look to understand Stephen Hawking’s mind. Sounds fitting for our veggie pizza with its complex flavors and hearty ingredients. (Get it? Love…”heart”-y? Alright, moving right along.)

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Big Bonanza is the only thing that can keep up with the volume of The Grand Budapest Hotel. The characters in the film have big personalities as does this pizza (just look at its name!). It’s got wit, class and will take you on a journey. More on the lighthearted side of the nominations for best film, you can enjoy this Big Bonanza pizza at your own Oscar bonanza at home!


The Sausage/Pepperoni pizza fully represents the relationship between Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons in the film Whiplash. These two actors battle it out onscreen throughout the movie, but come together in the end to create a satisfying, cohesive moment. The Sausage/Pepperoni pizza will do the same thing.

While we don’t know the results of the Oscars, we do know you’ll be winning with any of our pizzas! Order now and enjoy the show!