We are already gearing up for the onset of football season and excited to once again be a part of millions of fans’ enjoyment of this beloved American sport. For many years, Papa John’s has been a proud National Football League (NFL) sponsor for individual teams. The Atlanta Falcons is just one popular team we sponsor among other NFL favorites such as the Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, St. Louis Rams and many others. As you cheer for your favorite NFL teams this year, Papa John’s will be right there with you with our delicious pizzas that are always made from the freshest ingredients available.

Official Pizza Sponsorship

This year, we mark our 30th anniversary as a company. On top of this milestone, we are also proud to announce that this year Papa John’s is the official pizza sponsor for the NFL. This means we can use official NFL trademarks for our advertising and marketing efforts for the next three years. This is an exciting opportunity and one that we hope to use to benefit the sport and its millions of devoted fans all over the country.

Winning this prestigious distinction is, of course, quite a feat for us. The NFL name and franchise generates millions of dollars each year for the companies and organizations that are affiliated with them. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial professional relationship with this prestigious and popular American franchise.

For the Love of the Game

On top of the financial aspect of this partnership, we are looking forward to enhancing the football fan experience of every NFL game. Pizza and football are almost a mythical pairing; they just go so well together! We want to bring this experience to a whole new level of enjoyment. As the official pizza sponsor for the NFL, we promise to work hard to improve the watching pleasure of all NFL fans with mouth-watering, savory pizzas delivered hot and on time right at your doorstep.

This football season, no matter which NFL team you may be rooting for, count us as part of your cheering squad. Drive to the nearest Papa John’s branch and pick up your favorite pie. You can also call us for fast and easy delivery or go online and place an order. We make it simple and quick for you and your family and friends to enjoy our delicious pizzas without taking your mind off the game.