Re:loom is nonprofit organization and a program of Initiative for Affordable Housing (IAH) in Decatur, Georgia. The mission is “to provide permanent, affordable housing to homeless and low-income families in Metro-Atlanta. [re:loom’s] rigorous, holistic social services program empowers individuals to reach personal goals and achieve independence.”

With many people struggling to keep jobs, re:loom helps individuals address employment obstacles with paid job training and leadership opportunities. Weavers design and make homemade goods, as well as  lead a team of volunteers. Employees are offered 100 percent health coverage, salaried pay, the training required to run a weave house, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with making beautiful homemade goods.

Papa John’s Atlanta has partnered with re:loom to make Atlanta a better place for the homeless community. re:loom helps people get their lives back on track and helps those individuals have the self confidence and pride to move forward in their lives.

Papa John’s is partnering with re:loom to focus on “helping weave a BETTER life for the Atlanta residents.”

You can support re:loom by purchasing any of the woven items created in the weave house. The purchase of just one rug can fund an entire week of shelter for a homeless family. In addition to financial donations, you can also donate sewing materials and machines, buttons, clasps and fabrics of all types to the weave house.

Volunteers help keep the re:loom going. Ways to volunteer vary anywhere from cutting and sorting materials to sponsoring trunk shows or collecting funds and materials within your work, home or school.

Products made at the weave house include placemats, rugs, purses, scarves, accessories and other small gift items. These products are available for purchase all around the Atlanta area and at several online vendors.

And believe us, they are beautiful and unique — and sure to get the attention of anyone you encounter.

Another way to support re:loom includes buying a pizza from Papa John’s Atlanta.

Papa John’s will donate $1 from every order using promo code RELOOM12 to the re:loom organization. In addition to the donation, Papa John’s Atlanta is offering a free 2-liter with any purchase of a large pizza for $12 using promo code RELOOM12 at checkout.