With more than 70,000 pizzerias in the United States, the total number of pizzas sold in the country each year comes to 3 billion. At least 93 percent of Americans eat one slice of pizza a month – that’s a lot of slices going around the country!

Here at Atlanta Papa John’s, we want to make sure some of the pizza slices America is consuming is made from the best ingredients on earth. No matter what pizza flavor you choose, you can count on great taste, fresh ingredients and fantastic prices from Papa John’s.

Just for fun, check out the pizza/personality match up below. Do you agree with our associations?


By far one of the most preferred pizza toppings throughout the world, 252 million pounds of pepperoni are used each year on pizzas alone. If you’re a pepperoni pizza lover, you’re fun to be around, can be a bit on the feisty side and are not likely to tone down your opinions, especially on something you care about deeply. Although you have a tendency to get carried away by the excitement of the moment, you can also be counted on for good clean fun.


You’re not the typical boy or girl next door, and you’re happy to march alone to the tune of a different drummer. Once people take the time to get to know you, however, they will discover an easy-to-like, quirky personality that’s always up for fun and adventure.


There’s no middle ground when it comes to relating with you. People either adore you or avoid you. It’s pretty much the same when it comes to anchovy pizza topping – people either love it and can’t get enough of it or they pick out even the tiniest trace of anchovy from their pizzas. Being a strong individual with a healthy self-image, this does not bother you at all.

Extra Cheese

Just like great cheese, people can’t seem to get enough of your company. You’re popular and fun-loving and delightful company anywhere you go.


The epitome of class and the embodiment of sophistication – that’s what people who prefer their pizzas topped with this aromatic herb typically are like. It’s hard to imagine someone like you preferring a slice of pizza over a watercress salad, but good pizzas are hard to resist, even for a class act like you.

The next time you call Atlanta Papa John’s for a pizza delivery, you may just be revealing much more about yourself than you think. No matter what pizza flavor you order, our pizza deliverers only see you as a customer with impeccable pizza taste!