The key to great-tasting pizza is choosing the best ingredients. Some home cooks and gourmands opt to make their own pizza because they think commercial pizza companies compromise the quality of their product by using inferior ingredients. This may be true for some pizza companies, but not here at Papa John’s. In fact, our mantra says it all: better ingredients, better pizza.

We remain committed, as we have from the very beginning, to giving our customers great-tasting pizza by using the freshest and most natural ingredients we can find. The uncompromising quality of all our products may be the reason why we top the list in online pizza orders in the country today. More than $2 billion worth of online orders tell us that we’re doing pizza right.

Our Ingredients

Our hand-tossed dough is always fresh (never frozen) and made from high-protein, unbleached wheat flour without any additives or dough enhancers. Our sauce comes from freshly picked California tomatoes that are minimally heated to preserve peak flavor. We pack and ship our sauce in #10 steel cans (not plastic pouches) to maintain its quality and unique taste.

Our 100 percent Mozzarella cheese is made with high-quality skim milk and, as with the other cheeses we use, comes with minimal preservatives. Our sausages and beef contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. All our produce (tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc.) are fresh and never frozen or vacuum-packed for maximum flavor and appeal.

At Papa John’s, we take extra care to choose and use only those ingredients that give our pizzas the distinct taste and quality that our customers have come to expect from us for 30 years. We will never waver in our commitment to deliver the better pizza made from better ingredients.

Customer’s Choice

Every day we offer our customers great pizza that comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors. At certain times of the year, we even create one-of-a-kind pizzas to celebrate special occasions or events, or just to make family pizza nights more fun and enjoyable.

However, we acknowledge that some of our customers may prefer certain ingredients over others. At Papa John’s, you always have the option of deleting or adding any ingredient depending on your personal preferences. No matter what ingredient you choose to add to your Papa John’s pizza, you can be assured that they will be fresh, all-natural and flavorful.

Better ingredients make better pizzas – it’s that simple and that great tasting!