Got your mom something special yet for Mother’s Day? Read below for three great ideas or use them to jump-start your own special brand of Mother’s Day celebration.

Gifts from the Garden

Instead of giving your mom a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, why not bring her some potted flowers and plant them with her in the garden? All you have to do is buy the seeds of her favorite flowers and a bottle of good wine – or make a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade if she prefers. If your mom lives in an apartment building, you can get her a garden ledge that easily attaches to a windowsill. Fill it with fresh garden soil and you’re good to go. It’s the Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving throughout the year!

Revive a Family Tradition or Start a New One

Whatever Mother’s Day tradition you know your mom enjoys, make that a part of the celebration. Whether it’s serving her breakfast in bed, taking her for a day of pampering, looking over old photo albums, visiting her favorite childhood places or simply ordering her a pizza for Papa John’s – she’ll love spending quality time with family to celebrate Mother’s Day.

You can also start a new tradition this Mother’s Day. For instance, you can go see a movie of her choice with the whole family or invite everyone over and making a big brunch together. You can even do something as simple as offering to do five tasks around the house that are too labor-intensive for your mom.

Family Fun

Another great idea is to set up a marathon of your mom’s favorite movies. Chances are there will be too much talking over the movie dialogue for any serious movie-gazing to take place, but as long as your mom’s having fun with the family around, don’t stop the chatter. If movies aren’t your mom’s thing, take out one of the favorite board games you used to play when you were younger and have a go at it like old times. Nothing delights a mother more than a trip down memory lane with her favorite people in the world.

Nights like these are the perfect time to stay in and order food to be delivered. All home kitchens should be declared off-limits on Mother’s Day. Instead, order up your mom’s favorite Papa John’s pizza for the entire family. Your mom will feel the love with every bite of fresh, piping hot pizza.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere!