All across America, we take our college football teams seriously, and nowhere does that hold more true than here in the South. The game may only last several hours, but we call it “Game Day” because for us it is a full day event with a series of celebrations. If watching from home or a sports bar, food is prepared accordingly. Those of us with the good fortune to have tickets to the live event still have to eat, so we plan ahead for tailgating, either bringing a picnic or cooking with propane on site. A few factors make a great tailgate.


As with any great party, the most important thing is the people. If you’re like most people, you will likely tailgate with people you attended college with. Football games make for the perfect occasion to reminisce and talk about the “glory days.” However, do not forget to invite friends who attended other schools, particularly those in other regions of the country. Game Day down South is like no other. tailgate, football, south

Costumes and Body Paint

Costumes and body paint are a great way to show support for your team. Not-to-mention a fun activity to put together during a tailgate party. If you are timid to paint your entire body, there are team-inspired temporary tattoos. This can be a great way to show your support and still dress cute. Foam finger, decorated buttons and logo sunglasses are other accessories perfect for Game Day. They can even make perfect party favors.


No party is a party until food is there. There are all sorts of options. Some people bring propane powered camp stoves or grills to cook intricate recipes as they enjoy time with friends before the game starts. Other people may simply pack a bag lunch for simplicity, while others may bring a picnic basket and cooler with a large spread of prepared foods that are designed to remain tasty when served cold. Another option is to pick up take-out on the way to the game and Papa John’s is perfect as traditional football game food that can be either a quick snack or a full meal as needed.

The tailgate party is what you make of it. Have fun, do what you enjoy and watch as UGA provides an exciting season of winning! The most important rules of any party are noteworthy in that you drive safely and drink responsibly to assure you are building great memories to look back upon. Go Bulldogs!