Throwing a party can be a major undertaking, especially if that party is for a large group of kids. Whether it is a themed party for your child’s next birthday or a kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day party, busy moms can use the following tips to throw flawless parties without the hassle:

1. Take the party to a venue.

Though holding your party at a venue may cost a little more money, a venue will help take the hassle out of setting up and cleaning up. Also, holding your party at a bowling alley, mini-golf range or family theme park provides plenty of activities for party goers. Be sure to call ahead to reserve the space, and remember to choose a venue that provides age-appropriate activities. If you decide to keep the party at home, use disposable table clothes, plates, cups and silverware to take the hassle out of cleanup.

2. Keep the invitations simple.

Your party invitations should be bright and inviting, but creating great invitations does not have to break the bank. To cut down on costs, consider printing your invitations at home. There are plenty of websites that will allow you to create and print fun and attractive invitations right from your home. Many of these sites have pre-made designs and color schemes. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits your theme.

3. Include your child in the planning. kids, party, pizza

It can be easy to get wrapped up in all of the details of party planning and forget to get input from the most important guest – your child! Your child knows best what party guests like and want. You might be surprised how many ideas your child has about the theme, location, invitations, decorations, food and party favors.

4. Order pizza

When you are busy with decorations and activity planning, why add cooking to the mix? Kids love pizza, and ordering pizza gives you one less thing to worry about. What’s another great thing about ordering pizza? Easy cleanup! Papa John’s Atlanta would be happy to take care of all your pizza needs. Place your order ahead of time, and schedule it to be delivered just when the party animals will start to get hungry.

5. Plan traditional party games.

When it comes to party games, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Traditional party games like musical chairs or a piñata can be entertaining for children of all ages. Simple crafts can also be an exciting and creative way to keep kids busy and interested. By holding your party at a fun location like a public park or bowling alley you can provide plenty of opportunities for guests to have fun and stay active.

Don’t get overwhelmed in all the “to-do’s” of the season. Use the tips to maximize school parties, ball team get-togethers and all kinds of celebrations.