For many people, fall is all about football. The people who have the most fun with the game, however, have mastered the art of football trash talk. Football trash talk has been a part of the tradition for as long as most can remember. When it is football time in the South, the SEC rivalries are out loud and proud and they will say anything to get into their opponents skin. We have compiled some hilarious SEC jokes and football trash talk lines for your enjoyment this year. You may even want to use them on your friends.

Trash Talk to Use

1. “Aww… Burn, you’re next!” This one liner is a great one to use this year since Auburn has had a slow start to their season. Even if they aren’t your rival, you might want to consider using in the SEC

2. If you’re team loses to your rival a lot, it may be time to stop saying, “Wait until next year!” They may just come back with, “That worn out line never works.”

3. “The Crimson Tide, it rolls over you wave after wave until you quit.” This is a great one that Alabama likes to use no matter who they are playing.

4. “Quit your whining. You get three timeouts per game!” This is a good one no matter where your allegiance lies and is a clever way to call the opposing team a bunch of babies.

5. “What did you say? I can’t hear you over your (x amount) of straight losses this season.” Another good one for any team and it just shows how terrible the record is for your opponent.

6. “If it’s not SEC, can you really call it football?” In Atlanta, the answer is, of course, no. They can try to but we will trash talk them every single time.

7. And finally, “(Insert any team not in the SEC here) thinks they can compete with the SEC? That’s cute.” Because after all, with all of the rivalries in the SEC, we will all stand together at the end of the day to ensure that collectively, we are better than anyone else.

All is fair in football and trash talk. You can say whatever you want because at the end of the day, it all comes down to the game. Trash talk is fun and there and harmless. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go and see how it changes your SEC football experience.

As always, complete your SEC Football Saturdays with some delicious Papa John’s Pizza!