In the days of intense marketing and advertisement in every venue imaginable, it is commonplace for a company to have a catchy motto to invoke trust or satisfaction in that particular brand. What is rare though is when a company adheres so strongly to the company motto that it becomes a perceived slight hindrance. Such is the case when it comes to Papa John’s and how they don’t offer Gluten-free pizza crust as a part of their menu.

The Dish

In order to truly live by the standard put in place, Papa John’s chooses to not offer Gluten-free pizza crust because it would contradict the motto of the company. The motto is “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” The “Better Ingredients” portion of the motto sets the standard for the way the pizza is made. No toppings, cheeses, sauces or crusts are ever frozen at Papa John’s. Everything is served fresh. For this reason, Gluten-free crust is not an option. In order for the crust to be sustainable, it would have to be frozen — and Papa cannot do that.

There’s Something For Everyone

The insistence to not provide Gluten-free pizza crust is not done cold heartily though. In order to provide options that appeal to a wide variety, they have other gluten-free options. Our wings are delicious and gluten-free. We offer many flavors including Buffalo, BBQ and Honey Chipotle. For more information on the ingredients in the pizza and other products check out the menu options and order today!

Papa John’s does not limit the menu to exclude patrons. We do it because we must live by our standards. The driving force behind Papa John’s is to provide the best quality pizza and other items that we can. Let us know if there is more you need from us as a brand.