Over halfway through its first year of full operation, it’s clear that the Atlanta Street Car is a hit with tourists and visitors eager to see the sights of downtown. But is it something that you, the Atlanta resident needs to use?

Public transportation may be a part of daily life in cities like New York and Washington D.C., but we all know that the south is different. Most Atlantans can’t imagine a life without their cars; after all, how many people do you know who take MARTA regularly? Check out these reasons why the street car might be a cooler transportation option than you thought.

It’s Free (For Now)!

The mayor announced recently that the street car is going to remain free for the remainder of 2015! That means it’s the perfect time to take advantage of it and see if it’s something you’d consider using frequently. Some street car proponents have suggested that it should always be free for MARTA monthly cardholders. That plan might provide a boost to MARTA ridership numbers too!

atlanta street carIt’s Green

All of us in the south could probably stand to drive a little less frequently. We don’t have much of a walking culture in our city, and we’ve been known to drive down the block just to pick up a few things from the store. The next time you’re taking a trip on the street car route, consider helping the environment a little and saving some money on gas at the same time.

It’s Safe

We’re all familiar with the unfortunate statistics involving automobile accidents in this country. While driving is something most of us have to do every day, it’s still unfortunately an inherently dangerous activity. When you add alcohol to the mix, it becomes an even bigger problem. The next time you want to grab a few drinks with your friends, let the street car take you safely back home without the worry of trying to find a designated driver.

It Reduces Stress

We Atlantans spend far too much of our days sitting on packed highways and fuming as countless drivers cut us off while trying to merge from on ramps. You certainly can’t take your focus off the road or else you might cause an accident, and this stress starts to build over time can negatively affect your quality of life. Maybe it’s time to try taking the street car for your commute. You can let go of your stress while listening to your favorite audiobook or podcast, or you can even use the time to catch up on work emails if you need to while you are whisked to and from work.

It Helps You Explore Your City

Sometimes, relaxing at home with a thrilling movie and a delicious Papa John’s pizza is the best way to spend an evening. But there are times when you want to get out and explore everything Atlanta has to offer!