The holidays will be here before we know it, and for many moms and dads across the country, this means lots of time spent planning and preparing for holiday gatherings, parties and the like. The holidays should be a time of rejoicing, relaxing and spending time with loved ones. However, many parents find themselves feeling stretched even thinner than ever during this time. Fortunately, there are some small things you can do to give your parents a big break this holiday season.

Help Out With Chores

Simply taking the time to complete some chores around the house (without being asked and without any expectation of recognition) can make all the difference this time of year. Taking the trash out, putting the dishes away, dusting and doing some laundry are all relatively simple tasks that will free up a lot of time for well-deserving moms and dads. This is time they can use to enjoy some much-needed relaxation or even to continue planning for upcoming holiday parties.

Schedule a Date for Them

happy familySometimes, moms and dads find themselves spending so much time trying to prepare for the holidays (coordinating with out-of-town family members, preparing meals, and shopping for gifts) that they rarely find the time to enjoy each other’s company. Help them out in this regard by planning a “date night” of sorts and helping to execute it for them. Get them a gift card to a local movie theater so they can catch a movie together, or offer to watch younger siblings while they head out to dinner. The gesture will be much appreciated and will help make sure they don’t lose focus on what’s most important this holiday season: spending time with loved ones.

Take Siblings Out for the Day

Speaking of watching siblings, sometimes the greatest gift to a busy mom or dad is being free of parental obligations for the day so they can get some other things done, such as planning for the holidays. Consider offering to watch your younger siblings for the day to make this happen; you can take them out for a fun day of shopping, seeing movies or visiting a local park. This allows you to bond with your siblings while also giving your mom or dad some much-needed alone time.

Take Care of Dinner Plans

More than likely, your mom or dad will be slaving away in the kitchen while entertaining for the holidays, so why not take care of dinner for them as a nice surprise this holiday season? Call up Papa John’s Atlanta and order a few delicious pizza pies to be delivered to your home so you can tell your mom or dad that they don’t need to worry about cooking for one night. It will be a much-appreciated gesture for any busy parent!

These are just a few steps you can take to help make this holiday season a less stressful and more enjoyable one for your hard-working parents. Now, which one will you try first?